Lean Management and Layoffs

Managing employees in the best of economies is a tough task. People management becomes much more difficult during periods of furloughs, layoffs, and high unemployment rates. Leaders are tasked with increasing productivity even with a drastically reduced staff. These tips offer effective techniques for those practicing lean management.   Communicate Openly About Staffing Issues Open [...]

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Hurdles of Lean Management

Lean management is a great business tool, as it allows businesses to run efficiently, which cuts costs and improves product quality. However, there are hurdles that many companies run into when implementing this method. Do not fret if the following become your reality; instead, prepare for them ahead of time so you know how to [...]

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Steps to Transition to Lean Management

Lean management is a style of management that focuses on customer success, eliminating waste, and continual change. Companies that are struggling to get by or that must change their antiquated systems and processes are great candidates for implementing lean management. Yet, while this sounds good on paper, it can be tough to understand where to [...]

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What is Lean Management?

Lean management is a term thrown around by many successful business people, but what exactly is it? At its core, lean management means “creating more value for customers with fewer resources,” according to Lean Enterprise Institute. While this sounds like a cost-cutting project, it is actually not only about cutting costs. It is about creating [...]

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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear : Leadership Myths

Leaders Work Smarter Not Harder. While part of this is mantra may be true, it is somewhat misleading. Great leaders know their strengths and their weaknesses. That means they find people who excel in areas that they don’t and focus on the things that they are best at. Strong leaders are great at prioritizing and [...]

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